Frequently Asked Questions

Conference Structure

  • Begins with the Acknowledgment of Country and introductory remarks from the Master of Ceremonies Mr Adam Spencer. 
  • Conference opened, and four high quality Keynote Speakers will address the audience for 20 minutes each on a range of STEM topics.
  • Morning tea and networking 
  • Delegates will choose to attend one Deep Dive workshop session from a range of STEM education topics.
  • An optional free networking session will run at the conclusion of the conference between 3:30 and 4:30pm 

What is a Deep Dive?

Typically a Deep Dive workshop go beyond the knowledge of content and include the development of skills. These can include skills in leadership, problem-solving, critical-thinking, creativity, and collaboration. Curriculum deep dives can go into the development of rich teaching and learning programs or practical skill development. The extended nature of the workshops allows the participants to develop a deep understanding or knowledge of the topic being presented. 

How many Deep Dives can I choose?

You can only choose one deep dive session for this conference. The deep dive session will go for 3 ½ hours with a lunch break in the middle.

How many Deep Dives options are there from which I can choose?

There are 14 different deep dive workshops to choose from which cover a broad range of interest from staff. There are options targeted specifically at Stages 1-3, Stages 4-6 and some that are suitable for all stages. 

Who is delivering the Deep Dives?

The NSW Department of Education’s Educational Standards Directorate through their Curriculum Secondary Learners and Curriculum Early Years and Primary Learning teams will deliver a number of the workshops. However, we have leadership, STEM, partnerships and curriculum experts also delivering high quality workshops.  

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